Will tinder respond to personaldata requests from Americans?


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  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye

    The US has some laws that are relevant, per sector of activity (HIPAA, FCRA, FERPA, COPPA) or per state (California and Illinois), but indeed they generally lack any teeth. 

    Tinder is based in Texas, so there is that added difficulty. 

    The weird thing is that at the moment there is no easy legal hook from Europe either, although that will be changing soon. 

    There are two possibilities why they decided to respond to Europeans however:

    • they realize they will be liable come May 2018 for Europeans anyways, and might as well offer the same level of protection to all from now (in a way, cheaper for them, actually);
    • the threat of approaching their parent groups (Meetic and Match, which are based in France) with the same requests were effective, partly because they knew they would not be able to escape disclosing more then (results of profiling, e.g. attractivity scores)

    So in a way I am feeling optimistic and think they might at least partially follow through for Americans. 

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