Asking for photo ID?


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  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye

    You can get assurance from us that the picture will only be used by us for the clear purpose of making such a request to Tinder. We will also keep it in order to facilitate later requests you might do with other companies. At a later time you will have the option of deleting said picture from our service through a convenient interface (for now, you can email contact@PersonalData.IO with such request). 

    Have a look at our Privacy Policy for a more precise description of how we use personal data (if something is not clear there, you are encouraged to ask). 

    From a legal standpoint, come May 2018, Tinder has --by law-- to use the data only for the purpose of the access request (until then, unclear but I can't expect them to willingly release such information).

    This being said, your worry seems wider than that, and one also has to take into account security breaches. At the moment just a few companies know you used Tinder: Tinder itself, its parent group, Facebook, Google/Apple (depending on device), and the whole ecosystem of trackers associated to Tinder (although the latter make an effort not to hold on to your name or email, others try to re-associate your name to such pseudonymized data). We are much smaller, so there is an inherent security risk in that. But more crucially, we are demanding that Tinder do something they have not originally designed their systems to do. That actually creates a security weakness. It could be remediated, but this will require collaboration on the part of Tinder (or indeed other such companies), for instance in designing standards facilitating and securing such requests. 

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